Lose The Spider Veins. Love Your Legs.

If you have spider veins, you are familiar with the feeling of dread and embarrassment that the thought of wearing skirts, shorts or a bathing suit can bring. Wouldn't it be wonderful not to have to plan your wardrobe around unsightly veins? There is an alternative to feeling embarrassed… and now is the time to take action.

In the hands of a medical professional, problem veins can be a thing of the past. Sclerotherapy is a proven, successful approach to treating "problem" veins. It is a non-surgical procedure which involves tiny injections of a fluid called a "sclerosant" that can cause changes in the walls of problem veins and result in their disappearance.

Want the legs of a twenty-year-old? We've had patients in their 60's receive such compliments, so why not you?

Let your legs complete the outfit. Wear shorts, skirts, and capris without worrying that people are noticing your veins!

While results of sclerotherapy can vary based on the individual, the following patient statements illustrate how exciting it can be to see a positive change in the appearance of your legs:

"Living in ALTA country, Thursdays were becoming more and more embarrassing. My legs in places were almost blue from all the spider veins. Thanks to Jana's expertise I can now wear my little tennis skirt with pride! Don't know what took me so long to get this done, I'm so pleased!! Thank you Jana!!"

-Jean (Roswell, GA)

"Jana - I should have added this to my previous e-mail, but my legs look fantastic!!! I went to visit my mom this past week and she couldn't believe how great they look. I can't tell you how much more confidence I have about how they look and showing them off. Thank you so, so much!!!"

-Linda (Atlanta, GA)

Please call or email Jana to schedule or discuss an initial consultation. Jana looks forward to helping you improve your appearance and your overall well-being.

jana thumbnailJana Emmett, MMSc, PA-C, has performed Sclerotherapy for almost twenty years on hundreds of patients. She practiced in the field of Vascular Surgery for an additional eight years and is now partnering with top physicians in the metro Atlanta area to offer her vein treatment expertise in a location that is convenient for you.