New Patients

Patients have the option to visit Jana at one of several convenient Metro Atlanta area locations. Now, getting started is easy.

If you have an appointment with Jana and you would prefer to save time and fill out the New Patient Form beforehand, please click here to download.


Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation you’ll be asked to  provide a few details regarding your vein concerns and there will be a short physical exam, which will focus on your legs.  Photos of your legs will be taken to provide a record of how your treatment is progressing (so you can remember how your legs used to look). Your legs will be measured for compression stockings which you will be asked to wear for approximately 48 hours following your treatments. Jana will discuss with you what you can expect during your treatment, activities that are allowed in the first 48 hours following treatment (walking is great!), and questions regarding when to expect visible improvement, how to tell if a vein is beginning to change, etc. We’ll also get some of the paperwork out of the way so that you’ll be all set to begin treatment at the next appointment!

Our goal at the initial consultation is to answer all the questions you may have regarding sclerotherapy and to make sure you know what to expect.



Sclerotherapy is a treatment technique that has been around for sixty years and is "tried and true."  The actual treatment involves injections with tiny needles of a solution that causes changes in the wall of a problem vein that in most cases result in its disappearance.  Successful sclerotherapy is dependent on a number of factors and one of the most important is provider skill.  It is important to seek out someone who has specialized experience in performing sclerotherapy.

People often wonder if they can do “without” the veins that have been treated, and the answer is "yes," most definitely.  The superficial system of veins in the leg is very extensive, and other veins take up the job of the veins that are treated. 


Sclerotherapy is the most efficient and effective approach to vein treatment.